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A Brief History Of Wedding Music

When we talk about wedding music, it is not just the reception. It is played at the wedding celebration including ceremony and any festivities before or after. All around the world, styles of music differs however there always is music at weddings. Music is used to announce the arrival of the bride’s processional in sort of a wedding march. The traditional “Here Comes The Bride” tune is originally from Wagner’s “Lohengrin.” This was written in 1850 and it has been the most popular wedding song for over 100 years. At Jewish weddings, the song “Baruch Haba” is traditionally played at the entrance of the groom. At the end of the services here in western culture, the bride and groom walk to a lively recessional tune.


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Some cultures have specific post-ceremony songs and dances played to celebrate. East Coast Band is well-versed on these songs. If there is one that they do not know, they will be sure to learn it for your special day. Though wedding traditions have changed a lot in history, the purpose of traditions haven’t changed. The event is meant to celebrate and bring family and friends together. When you choose East Coast, you will get the right music to do just that!

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