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Hiring A Band For Your Long Island Event

Hiring a band for your wedding not does not need to be stressful! When working with the band members of East Coast, you should never be afraid to speak your mind and ask questions. We understand that this is your event and you probably have a good picture in your mind of how you would like things to go, so we are here to work with you to make this an event to remember. With our band’s talent and experience, and your ideas, you can be sure that this will be an experience you and your guests will never forget!


East Coast Band

When you hire our band for your event you can be sure that there is no hidden fees. Contrary to other large office practices, the price we quote you is the price you pay. Unless we specify otherwise, all insurance, production costs, crew are standard lighting are included in the price we quote you. Please keep this in mind when comparison shopping, we have no hidden fees. East Coast Band is fully insured and proof of insurance and workers compensation can be either emailed or faxed to catering establishments as it is necessary.


If you are not sure whether to hire a band or a D.J. for your event, consider this, a band will bring a level of sophistication, elegance and entertainment value that is not possible with a D.J. With our wide variety of songs we play, you are sure to find your wedding song, or other songs that you absolutely what to hear. There is something magical about a live performance that can not happen with a D.J. If you feel that you must hear certain songs performed by the original artist, we also offer a band/D.J. combo at a minimal additional cost.

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