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Band vs. DJ For Your Wedding Music

Many couples will debate over what songs should and should not be played at their wedding. But the first debate should be to hire a live band or just go with the standard DJ. There are pros and cons to either for your wedding day and some couples go with both. East Coast is a talented team of musicians who are grateful to provide you with top notch wedding music. We also offer a band/DJ combo for those who decide to go with both.


wedding music new yorkBands offer a stage presence that is unattainable with a DJ alone. Hiring a live band to play your wedding music is a great way to entertain your guests. Our energy and musical talents get people up and dancing. In addition, for those who wish not to dance, they will be equally entertained simply by watching.


We have a wide variety of musical talents and are dedicated to playing your favorites with stylistic accuracy. People at weddings like to dance to the music they know and love. We have an extensive song list and are able to learn anything that you want played. When you are wondering “live band or DJ” for your wedding, there’s no question that a live band is the way to go to play your wedding music!


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