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Decisions That Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

Living in New York, there is a reputation of a certain uniqueness for the people who live here. New York style weddings certainly have a reputation for their unique blend of great food, music and dancing. When planning a wedding there are certain choices that can make or break your wedding. Certainly the music and entertainment for your wedding is surely important, it will keep the party going or it won’t. Also another major decision is the food and catering. When planning a wedding it isĀ  best to do as much research as you can to find out the best caterers and entertainers in your area.


Many couples feel increasing pressure to abandon the winning “less is more” strategy. To insure their wedding is personal and unique, they advised to incorporate 20 page lists of “must haves” and and complete even longer lists of decisions to be made. The best advice is much simpler. Hire PROFESSIONALS and use their expertise to help limit your overall stress!


Guests will remember a great party, not necessarily what they specifically ate or even what songs were played. Choosing East Coast ensures that you can take an active role in creating a “playlist” that reflects your general taste and sense of style but will still work in a party setting. With multiple weekly performances and over 1000 successful weddings in our resume we have become expert in combining client input in a way that it keeps all your guests involved in the non-stop dance floor action. Weddings are dance parties; if that is what you are looking for, we excel. Choosing pros ensures that you are relaxed enough to enjoy and remember your own party!


Check out our reviews on Wedding Wire, “In all the weddings we’ve attended, we’ve never seen guests abandoned the first dinner course to dance. The band created such a lively, classy and pleasurable atmosphere that no one could stay sitting in his or her seat.” We have won brides choice award for 2013!

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