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Live Wedding Music: Making Your Wedding Sing!

live wedding musicThere is probably an infinite number of choices you can make when you are looking to choose your live wedding music. While you want the wedding music to reflect your unique personality, you do want to also take a few other things into consideration when planning the live entertainment for your wedding. East Coast has a wealth of knowledge and experience in playing live wedding music. We are here to help you to plan for your wedding day so that you and your guests are fully entertained and satisfied with the musical repertoire. Here are a few things to consider before your big day:


Consult with your spouse-to-be: You spouse-to-be might want to add something to the list of songs that you may not have considered. It could be a sentimental family tune or just a particular song s/he would want to hear.


Look at the bigger picture: If you have an overall theme for your wedding, you will want to choose music that suits that theme.


What parts of the ceremony should have music: You can choose as little or as much music as you would like for your ceremony. While you don’t want a rock concert, you also do not want any awkward silences in the ceremony.


hire a wedding bandOnce you have compiled a list of songs and determine which songs should be played at what point in the event, it’s all smooth sailing! East Coast will be able to satisfy all your requests, regardless of any obscurities in your musical choices. Live wedding music adds a lovely and unique spark to a wedding at any venue. The wedding entertainment is one of the most important things one your special day because it will set the tone of the entire event.

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