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Make Or Break Your Wedding!

East Coast band members are experts on weddings! We collectively have 30 years experience of performing at weddings and other events. We might just be a band and provide entertainment for weddings but we know what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few tips from us to help make your event and not break it!


Last edition we discussed how NEW YORK style weddings are famous for the high energy way we blend food, music and  DANCING. The timing gives the allusion of non-stop action even though there is balance between calorie burning dance time and judiciously placed pauses that allow all to catch there breath. Today we address our pet peeve, a caterer induced trend toward four hours uninterrupted food service.
Several years ago caterers began to introduce the concept of 90 minute cocktail hours. This was a logical way to insure adequate time for guests to enjoy the ever increasing and often believable array of food presented.


Our beef comes with those  who insist guests then be moved directly into 90 minutes of uninterrupted dinner service, punctuated only by a never ending parade of speeches. The salesperson/planner then suggests that guests are free to “party” for 2 1/2  hours straight! Yipee!!!


The unfortunate reality is that  after sitting for an hour at  a wedding ceremony,  then three more drinking and eating most people (especially the older folks)  cannot be expected to do much more than fall asleep.


Doing all the food at once may allow a caterer to make a very impressive spread and send staff home earlier but it does not make  for a good dance party. Insist on a common sense party plan! Trust us on this!

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