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Modern Wedding: Infusing Cultural Traditions

Splash your modern wedding with some traditional flare!

Modern Wedding: Infusing Cultural Traditions

What is the perfect Modern Wedding? There are plenty of online check lists you can find to help guide a couple through the process. However this does limit the imagination. A great way to bring some personality to your modern wedding is to infuse some of your cultural traditions into it. It’s a personal touch to share with your guests and is a great tribute to your families.


A simple way to infuse cultural traditions into your wedding is using particular decorations, supplies, and ceremonies. Another great way that East Coast Band can help with is the wedding entertainment! We know that the bride and groom are the stars of the wedding. What better way to spotlight them but with customized live wedding music and a cultural flair that your wedding guests will love.


Here are a few Modern Wedding cultural traditions by country:


Italian Wedding Traditions:

One of the oldest traditions is the giving of candy coated Jordan almonds, which represent the bittersweet nature of marriage. They are given in quantities of 5 or 7, which are considered luck numbers. Also, Sunday weddings are the luckiest and the bride should wear green the night before to bring luck and abundance. Some traditional Italian wedding songs that East Coast plays are Tarantella, Arrivederci Roma, Volare, and Mala Femina.


Irish Wedding Traditions:

Brides typically wear wildflower wreaths in their hair and bouquets. Their hair is braided to symbolize female power and luck. Bells are thought to keep evil spirits away, so have your guests ring little bells instead of clinking glasses at the reception. To ensure good luck, have someone throw a shoe over the bride’s head as she exits the church-just don’t hit her! Some traditional Irish songs are The Irish Wedding Song, Stack of Barley, The Rose of Tralee, and Danny Boy.


Jewish Wedding Traditions:

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony takes place under a Chuppah, which is a canopy symbolizing the new home between husband and wife. The encircling of the groom occurs under the Chuppah, where the bride will traditionally walk around the groom three or seven times upon arrival. There are many different kinds of traditional Jewish music and some vary between cultures. We have an extensive list including Shalom Aleichem, Ose Shalom, Mazel Tov, and Hava Nagela.


You can see a bigger list of cultural modern wedding entertainment information here.

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