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Should You Hire A Band or DJ For Your Wedding?

Budget and personal preference will determine whether you should hire a band or DJ for your wedding or personal event. At East Coast we have a stellar reputation for providing top tier entertainment at affordable prices. We have added some new additions and used our “outside of the box” thinking that allowed us to create packages at various key price points that will be sure the meet your budget needs.


hire a bandWhen you hire the entertainment for your wedding it is important to choose quality over a cheap fix. Take a look at the venues in which the band has performed and this reflects professionalism. East Coast has performed at thousands of wedding all over Long Island and the Tri-state area including the Pataki wedding. The East Coast band was selected by Governor Pataki and his wife Elizabeth to perform at their daughters wedding.


We have samples of our songs on our Audio Page. We also have a list of songs that we are able to perform. You can use this list to either highlight songs that you want to hear or you can highlight songs that you do not want to hear. If your wedding song is not on our list we are happy to learn it if we have ample time. We request at least 30 days to learn a song so that is ready for your big day.

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