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Tips For Planning Your Wedding


One of the most important factors that will lead to a successful party or wedding is hiring the right band. A great, experienced¬†wedding band will make your party; inexperience always has the potential to break it. Clients often over value youthful image, failing to realize that the success of a dance party has more to do with the “reading the dance floor”, a sensible timeline (that maintains party momentum) and the interactions with the caterer and other vendors. Hipster bands made exclusively of “twenty somethings” may appeal and sound great doing a prepared set at a concert venue with “house” sound but does that translate to the real world of weddings were acoustics are imperfect and decisions must often be made on the fly. Remember that the band also must interact with your photographer and other vendors so that all remain on the same page. Doing that while trying to sing and play at the same time comes with practice!

East Coast has long been renowned as New York’s most versatile band. No matter the venue or event, we can rock the house with out youthful energy and create fun party experience that your guests will remember for years. Choosing the entertainment for your event really is on of the most important decisions that you will have to make during the planning phases of your wedding.

The decision to¬†hire a band for your big day often leads to the daunting realization that you have never hired a band in your life and you may not know exactly what to do. When you work with East Coast you can be ensured a thoroughly stress free experience. We are there from the very first moment to personally assist you with every phase of your entertainment planning. When planning a wedding, you have enough things to worry about, now music doesn’t have to be one of them! Get your successful party started today and book East Coast for your wedding!


We play music that will make each affair unique and memorable, and include great songs that are not your typical wedding band fare. We love to entertain. A quick look at our song list, we show we play a wide variety of genres. We pride ourselves in not being easily categorized and playing stylistically and with musical integrity. Too many NY weddings bands think it hip to throw everything into their “groove” hopper: in our book, classic or alternative rock is not supposed to sound like James Brown nor vice a versa. Likewise with all the other genres. You can look at our song list to highlight songs that you want to hear or point at songs that you do not want to hear on your big day. We can also learn a number of songs to help personalize your big event. With proper notice (at least 30 days) we will learn the materials and perform it for you.


Wedding Planning Tips:

  • Figure out the amount of guests
  • Ask vendors for other vendor recommendations
  • schedule and set specific times to appropriately plan your wedding
  • Have a friend or family member commit to assisting you
  • Most importantly stay organized and breathe

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