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Tips On Avoiding Wedding Music Mistakes


Of course your wedding dress and the wedding color palette is critical, but really it’s the music that makes the wedding perfect. It’s key for every point of the day and it’s a reflection of your personalities. This is your one chance for a successful wedding, so make it count!! East Coast has been the top choice for New York’s number one wedding band! We will be there every step of the way to help you make the decisions personal to your tastes and desires. With our years of experience we will help you avoid common pitfalls and wedding music mistakes.



Here are some of the top wedding music mistakes:


-Starting the Ceremony in Silence: Yes, the focus is on your grand entrance. However, there will be a good 20-30 minutes prior where your guests will be entering and waiting and hopefully this isn’t happening in silence. Choose prelude music before your processional. It might be subtle in the background, but you’ll definitely notice it if it’s not there. Go classical or choose something more on the pop side such as Maroon 5 or Coldplay


-Skipping the Sound Check: These days people are having weddings in more untraditional places such as beaches and other outside venues. Make sure you go over the setting with the band prior so that East Coast knows how to adjust and modify sound for the best results.


-Offending your Officiant: It’s your wedding day and it’s all about you. However the person officiating your service may have some rules or regulations about what can be played during the ceremony. It is common for religious congregations to prohibit songs with unsavory topics. Get the facts before requesting a classical version of Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me.”


-Unending First Dance: Consider your love song’s length before committing to your first dance. Just rocking back and forth for 8 minutes can be awkward and painfully boring.


-Too Much of a Good Thing: We get it, you love late 80’s hair bands. But five hours of one thing is a sure-fire way to bore and possibly anger guests. We recommend including your favorite genre, but a solely rap-based reception is just not a good idea. This is your day, but it’s also a day to share with family and friends. Keep loved ones in mind when choosing your music!


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