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Why hire a live band for your wedding?


Live band Long IslandHiring live music for your wedding offers a level of sophistication that is not possible with a D.J, alone. East Coast plays a wide variety of music in order to satisfy a broad range of musical interests and customizes their repertoire to your specific needs. Regardless of the venue, the energy brought by a live band creates a party experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come.


The entertainment chosen at a wedding can certainly make or break the event. Choosing a live band like East Coast allows you to create the ambiance for your wedding reception that best reflects your personalities. We understand that you have a good picture of what you want your event to look like and we encourage you to ask questions and speak your mind so that we can help you achieve your vision!


There’s nothing quite like seeing a live band. Like being at a concert, there is a human connection and emotion that is experienced that can make your event incredibly unique. The dynamics of a live performance by East Coast provides the best entertainment by handling your requests with artistic accuracy. From AC/DC to Katy Perry, East Coast is a band that can successfully reproduce many genres of music. Of course a D.J. can “play” the same songs, but a live band brings a level of energy that can create a wonderful experience for you and your guests.



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