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Decisions that Can Make or Break Your Wedding

New York style weddings are famous for their unique blend of great food, high energy wedding music and dancing that gives the illusion of five hours of non-stop action.  Closer inspection reveals that there is a logical pacing and delicate ebb and flow, which are the result of experienced entertainers and catering staff working together to achieve the ultimate party.


bored peoplePicture This…
You’re in hour four of your wedding reception, the dance floor is packed, the energy is high, the band is in full swing, and then your host directs the party outside for the next “choreographed event”: Sparkler Lighting on the lawn.  Was that really the best time? Did you need sparkler lighting?  Would people come back afterwards ready to get back to partying or would they see it as the lull they needed to call it a night?



In this first article in our series, Decisions that can Make or Break your Wedding, we suggest that if a New York styled high energy dance party is your goal, then putting your faith in experienced professionals while having a “less is more” strategy is our best advice!


Avoid overloading your wedding with a ton of choreographed events 


Today’s brides often feel pressured by well-meaning party planners, friends, or blogs to make their wedding personal and unique. They are advised to cram their weddings with 20 page lists/”must haves” to be incorporated.  However, if you want what is known nationally as the “New York Style” wedding (simply, a great party) then the tried and true game plan is less is more.




Use professional expertise to help limit your overall stress. Ultimately, you’re guests will remember a great party, not necessarily what they specifically ate or even what songs were played.


Start with a catering venue that gives you a sense that a great party is the ultimate goal.  Make sure they include an experienced staff and maitre d’. Yes the chef is important but the maitre d’ is the captain of the ship on the day of your wedding. The good ones manage the flow and momentum of a party like a conductor in front of an orchestra. (In previous blog posts we mention some of the places on Long Island that do a great job with this.)


Choose East Coast Music as your wedding reception band (or wedding ceremony and cocktail hour too!) to work WITH your caterer to make your day the best it can be. Choosing us also ensures that you can take an active role in creating a wedding music “playlist” that reflects your general taste and sense of style, but will still work in a party setting.


Weddings, especially the fabled New York Wedding, are dance parties; and if what you are looking for is a dance band, we excel. Choosing pros ensures that you are relaxed enough to enjoy and remember your own party!


Our great reviews on Wedding Wire, LI and the Knot/Wedding Channel are Unanimous: East Coast Music guarantees a great dance party!



“In all the weddings we’ve attended, we’ve never seen guests abandon the first dinner course to dance. The band created such a lively, classy and pleasurable atmosphere that no one could stay sitting in his or her seat!”
Wedding: 7/2/2011



Live Performance Anyone?


Check out any band you are considering performing at your all important day beforehand.  If they make you want to get out of your seat and dance, then chances are it will do the same for your guests.

With multiple weekly performances and over 1000 successful weddings in our resume East Coast Music has become the top wedding band and the proven experts in combining client input in a way that it keeps all your guests involved in the non-stop dance floor action.  Unlike other bands we do actually exist outside of lip synch karaoke tracks on a website and perform three to four nights a week.  Click the link to our schedule and then come check us out!


Stay tuned for our next article on Catering Insanity…

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