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How To Hire A Band

There are so many event opportunities where you should hire a band. Any party, wedding, or corporate event will need music. Unfortunately, not knowing any better, people will hire a boring and common DJ. People become intimidated when hiring a band because they are entering into something that is new and uncommon. However there is nothing more interactive or dance floor filling than when you hire a live band.


hire a bandHere are a few simple steps to go through when you are looking to hire a band:


–  Check that your venue allows you to hire a band. Even when venues have the necessary licenses, you should always check if they have any noise limitations. It may be necessary to ask the band to play a quieter style. East Coast is sure to oblige!


–  Be sure the venue has enough space and power. If there is a small performance space, then having a ten piece band will not work out well. East Coast has many combinations of musicians that can be arranged to suit your needs.


–  Think about the best time for the band to set-up. If the room where they are performing in is the same where the rest of the day’s events are taking place it may be necessary for the band to set up early in the day.


–  Don’t forget to take care of the band. The band may have a long journey to get to you, they will carry all their equipment, and set up and do sound checks all before they rock the house! They are always grateful for refreshments and possibly a space to relax and change into stage attire.


–  Consider the band’s payment. Remember to think about how you are going to be paying. No band leader wants to interrupt you later on in the night to ask for payment. Try and think about this beforehand or designate the task to the best man.

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