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Wedding Music For The Do Not Play List!

There are definitely wedding songs we all hear at every wedding we go to. Some are cheesy, inappropriate, or just plain bad! When most people are planning for their wedding reception, they continuously are requesting songs. However there needs to be a list of “absolutely under no circumstances are you to play” wedding songs. When you are planning for a reception with wedding music, we have some tips of what not to play.


Do Not Play List:

1. Who Let The Dogs Out– Baha Men

2. Tequila– The Champs

3. Dude Looks Like A Lady– Aerosmith

4. My Humps– Black Eyed Peas

5. My Heart Will Go On– Celine Dion

6. Celebration– Kool and The Gang

7. Cha Cha Slide– Casper


And anything about break ups or heart break or cheating such as:
8. I Will Always Love You– Whitney Houston

9. I Will Survive– Gloria Gaynor

10. Jesse’s Girl– Rick Springfield

11. Lips Of An Angel– Hinder


hire a wedding band wedding musicThese are just a few cheesy wedding songs and this list is sure to spark some ideas for you of what you don’t want to hear. The benefit of having a live wedding band play is that even if some of  these cheesy songs are requested, they will be given new life by our talented musicians. Having a live band perform songs for your wedding brings an explosive and youthful energy to your wedding reception.

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