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Wedding Music: When It's Ok To Like Cheesy Songs

wedding musicAs musicians and music lovers we are all partial to our own genres. If you’re like us, you’ll find that it’s hard to admit that you like some of the cheesy songs that get played at weddings because…well, your taste is just too refined for Miley Cyrus. However, we find that even some of the biggest music snobs are open to all sorts of cheese when it comes to picking wedding music. Once we are planning a wedding, it seems like we are given a pass on our snobbish ways. East Coast knows this because we get many requests to play songs that probably will never show up on the bride and grooms iPod.


hire a wedding bandThe best part about hiring a live band for your wedding is that the songs that you wouldn’t think were so cool, instantly are given new life! East Coast can really add that special something to your wedding reception and wedding ceremony. The energy that is given to music when performed live is unsurpassable. It gets your guests involved by dancing, clapping, and just simply watching. The power of live music can be astonishing. Certain songs can transcend us to different times and places in our lives. When you are sharing your special day with family, it is important to get the music right.

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